Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Today I was so excited! I saw my very special friend, Cody, at the dog park today. Mom forgot her camera, so I don't have pic's from today. But I have some from when I stayed with him and Auntie Tracy this summer.

He is my very special best boyfriend here in California. Since mom & I have had our job change (back in Chicago I used to be an asst. dog wrangler-second only to mom) I don't have as much contact with my canine companions. But Cody is more than just a workfellow. He is one of my best friends, and I LOVE HIM! I usually feel that I am above wrestling, and other sort of silly canine games...but with Cody I can't help myself. He is good for me... he says to me, "Why do you have to work all of the time? Take a break and have some fun!"

And with Cody, I just can't help myself!! I am usually the winner (of course).

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