Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cesar Chavez Park-Berkeley Marina

Hello Folks! Today mom took me to another one of my favorite friz catchin' feilds...and it's the Cesar Chavez park near The Berkeley Marina.

During the summer, this place is pretty brutal. Really hot with very little shade... which is rough for us hard working dogs with long black fur! But the fall and winter it's just peachy! The grass is very soft (and sweet...! I like to nibble sometimes) and there are lots of rolling hills for me to cover the friz on. There is a special "leash off" area, but it seems folks don't really follow it. Or it's not followed around the "off-leash" area. We just get leashed up near the parking lot and closer to the street to be careful of cars.

Today, there was some sort of Friz in the Sky event going on... (Mom calls them Kites). There were tons of these Frizbee's in the air, but they didn't go anywhere! Humans are so weird sometimes. But they were pretty....

There are some good trails around the park, and mom says you can see good views of Berkeley, The Bay Bridge, San Fran and The golden Gate. You can also see Marin and the Richmond bridge.

Mom also made me pose near these rocks. She thought they captured my spirit, and I whole heartedly agree. After all... You can't get more determined than a Border Collie!!

We also got to take a pic together at the water! I like taking pictures with my mom, after all... no matter how hard I try to learn to drive, my paws just don't reach the pedals! She is the best driver... and mom.... there is!

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