Sunday, December 2, 2007

More Redwood Park

Yippie! Today mom took me back to the Redwood Regional Park. We have soooo much fun there! It is my VERY IMPORTANT job to make sure the tennis ball doesn't leave the trail. It is a very important position and I take it very seriously, and BOY is it FUN!!

Mom likes this hike because she says you can see all sorts of wildlife. She says depending on where you are, you can see different trees and plants, and I guess it changes on they way down. I do sometimes hear (what she calls) the eucalyptus trees creeking in the wind. (you can see me near a bunch of them in one of these pic's) Pretty cool. Oh yeah, I'm supposed to tell you that it's the Stream Trail that we take down to the Redwood Trees. (Unfortunately, mom's camera battery died before we got to the trees.) On the way back up, we use Eucalyptus Trail. This one is fun because it is pretty steep and I can run really fast on it... up and down! Mom doesn't even have to touch the ball! It just GOES....

The only thing you should know, is that doggies are not supposed to be off-leash near the actual stream. There are fish, newts, and other water creatures who might get hurt by our paws, etc. However, since I have the very important job of maintaining the tennis ball, I never leave the trail. So mom doesn't have to worry about me hurting anybody. I guess she has seen birds, snakes, deer, and other various critters on this trail... I've never noticed! Too busy working....!!

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