Sunday, December 30, 2007

Foggy Times at Pt. Isabel

Today mom took me to one of my FAVE places to do the Friz... Pt. Isabel. Unfortunately, we doggies are still not allowed to swim on the shoreline or in the creek, because the people are STILL cleaning up their oil. (Leave it to humans to not get a job done!) But that's okay, I still have my friz to catch and dogs to herd.

Pt. Isabel is tons of fun, and it's one of the largest areas you can run off-leash in this area. Mom says they were voted the best dog park in the USA by Dog Fancy magazine! I agree. It is also a good place to stalk the friz, and any trouble makers! I make sure to disguise myself in the tall grass, so the friz doesn't know I'm coming!

Today it was very rainy and foggy... but that doesn't stop me! A little mud never hurt anyone... the hose down afterward, however...leaves much to be desired!

Today I also made friends with another collie named Posey. She was just a baby and needed me to show her the ropes, but being a collie, she could hold her own pretty well. I made sure to follow her, though... and let the big dogs know that rough housing is NOT allowed when a collie is trying to work! Unfortunately, many of them are not so bright.... and they just don't understand...

Mom and I had fun today... I can't wait to go back!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I must apologize... I know it's been awhile since I've been able to post anything. But my mom has been hogging the computer with her schoolwork and then getting ready for Christmas. But finally, I can get to the keyboard and keep in touch with everyone.

Today we went out to Uncle Larry & Auntie Trina's for what mom calls Christmas. This is one of the best times of year, because everyone I love comes together in the same place, and I don't even have to nip their ankles! Plus, I get tons of new stuff... My grandma & grandpa are also here... and they give me new things, too!

Part of my job is to make sure everyone is safe around the dinner table. This requires difficult manuvering around and under the table. Plus I need to make sure that everyone's hands have no meaty juice left on it, and also make sure that no scraps are left on the floor.

Those puppies are still around, and they haven't learned that the peeing happens in the outside, not on the inside of the house. The people don't seem to like it, but I don't mind. I can smell instantly who has been where... saves me time! They still haven't learned how to fetch or herd, but somehow I don't think they will. Which is fine by me, because I don't need the competition! They definately need someone to watch over them, and Larry & Trina do a pretty good job, but I think they need a canine to help. It is my duty!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


So mom is in what she calls "finals week..." I call it "finally we can REALLY go to town soon!" But until then... she just sits there putting color on these big sheet of paper... Just SITTING THERE!! She's making me crazy! HOW CAN SHE JUST SIT THERE??? There is soooo much work do to! Oh well... perhaps if I stare long enough...

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cesar Chavez Park-Berkeley Marina

Hello Folks! Today mom took me to another one of my favorite friz catchin' feilds...and it's the Cesar Chavez park near The Berkeley Marina.

During the summer, this place is pretty brutal. Really hot with very little shade... which is rough for us hard working dogs with long black fur! But the fall and winter it's just peachy! The grass is very soft (and sweet...! I like to nibble sometimes) and there are lots of rolling hills for me to cover the friz on. There is a special "leash off" area, but it seems folks don't really follow it. Or it's not followed around the "off-leash" area. We just get leashed up near the parking lot and closer to the street to be careful of cars.

Today, there was some sort of Friz in the Sky event going on... (Mom calls them Kites). There were tons of these Frizbee's in the air, but they didn't go anywhere! Humans are so weird sometimes. But they were pretty....

There are some good trails around the park, and mom says you can see good views of Berkeley, The Bay Bridge, San Fran and The golden Gate. You can also see Marin and the Richmond bridge.

Mom also made me pose near these rocks. She thought they captured my spirit, and I whole heartedly agree. After all... You can't get more determined than a Border Collie!!

We also got to take a pic together at the water! I like taking pictures with my mom, after all... no matter how hard I try to learn to drive, my paws just don't reach the pedals! She is the best driver... and mom.... there is!

Friday, December 7, 2007

The Muse

Tonight, after a hard run in the rain, I decided to settle down for snooze... but not before I reminded Mom that she needs to work on what are going to be the best kids' books ever. I sat myself next to (what I think) are quite superior sketches she's done. Hopefully this will inspire her to continue! After all, what could be more interesting than stories about me! Snoopy better look out! There's a new pooch in town....

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Today I was so excited! I saw my very special friend, Cody, at the dog park today. Mom forgot her camera, so I don't have pic's from today. But I have some from when I stayed with him and Auntie Tracy this summer.

He is my very special best boyfriend here in California. Since mom & I have had our job change (back in Chicago I used to be an asst. dog wrangler-second only to mom) I don't have as much contact with my canine companions. But Cody is more than just a workfellow. He is one of my best friends, and I LOVE HIM! I usually feel that I am above wrestling, and other sort of silly canine games...but with Cody I can't help myself. He is good for me... he says to me, "Why do you have to work all of the time? Take a break and have some fun!"

And with Cody, I just can't help myself!! I am usually the winner (of course).

Monday, December 3, 2007


Even Border Collies get tired. Being a girl, a little girlie leopard print doesn't hurt! ;-)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

More Redwood Park

Yippie! Today mom took me back to the Redwood Regional Park. We have soooo much fun there! It is my VERY IMPORTANT job to make sure the tennis ball doesn't leave the trail. It is a very important position and I take it very seriously, and BOY is it FUN!!

Mom likes this hike because she says you can see all sorts of wildlife. She says depending on where you are, you can see different trees and plants, and I guess it changes on they way down. I do sometimes hear (what she calls) the eucalyptus trees creeking in the wind. (you can see me near a bunch of them in one of these pic's) Pretty cool. Oh yeah, I'm supposed to tell you that it's the Stream Trail that we take down to the Redwood Trees. (Unfortunately, mom's camera battery died before we got to the trees.) On the way back up, we use Eucalyptus Trail. This one is fun because it is pretty steep and I can run really fast on it... up and down! Mom doesn't even have to touch the ball! It just GOES....

The only thing you should know, is that doggies are not supposed to be off-leash near the actual stream. There are fish, newts, and other water creatures who might get hurt by our paws, etc. However, since I have the very important job of maintaining the tennis ball, I never leave the trail. So mom doesn't have to worry about me hurting anybody. I guess she has seen birds, snakes, deer, and other various critters on this trail... I've never noticed! Too busy working....!!