Monday, August 25, 2008

Back in Action!

Sorry! It's been a LONG time since I've posted!! Mom was away for the summer, and I had to stay at the country home with my Dave the entire time. It was fun to be with Dave, and have the back yard... but WHEW!! Those puppies were a lot of work!

But my mom is back! And we are back in action... but things have changed since we were gone... One of our FAVORITE places to hike, The Redwood Park, is undergoing some "work" I guess they are taking away a bunch of the TREES!! This makes me so sad, because I get so hot with all of my fur, and those trees keep me nice and cool. I guess they are old, and in danger of falling (Which is no good.) But I still miss them.

We can't hike on the big trail anymore during the week, so we can only go on the little trail on the other side. Which is also a lot of fun! I made good friends with a Beagle puppy...who was in some dire need of some herding. Thank goodness I was there, otherwise his mom would have lost him for sure!

We also made a trip to my other favorite park, Tilden. Nothing is closed here... thank goodness! We had a good hike here... and came across a twig tent! We met the little kid who built it last year (but mom forgot her camera)... Turns out I fit into it! The boy said it was "Eeyore's House"... whoever that is.

It was SUPER HOT I got to go swimming in the lake! I also found a fetch friend... I find the little ones make good fetch friends, because they never stop!!