Thursday, June 12, 2008

Last Hikes with Mom...

Sorry it's been so long since I posted!! I think Mom is getting ready to go on a big trip, because she keeps packing stuff up and moving stuff around. I don't like it when she leaves, but if I get to go to the country home, that's alright.

These pictures are from our last hike at Tilden Park in Berkeley. This is a really fun hike, and not as popular as the Quarry Hike/Seaveiw Trail to the East Bay Skyline's smaller and much windier... and HARDER! It's only open during the spring and summer months, because of some migrating slug or something like that...but anyhow, it's a great hike! The start point is Big Springs Picnic area, and we take Vollmer trial, to the Lupine Trail, and down the Arroyo trail. It does get super hot in the summer... but mom always brings water for me and we have a great time... I hope I get to keep hiking when she's gone!!!

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