Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Okay, so I will admit, sometimes Puppies are cute. But truly, must everyone fawn over them like they are some new phenominon? C'mon now.

My country cottage and the people Mom calls, "LARRYTRINA" decided to destroy the solace of my retreat and attain a few of these. DO NOT BE ALARMED! When I first saw them, I did mistake them for rodents, or perhaps alien beings. I had to seek refuge behind the big man (they call him Larry). But I soon came to realize that they are the "little ones."

First of all, they have no manners. Clearly it was MY JOB to herd the tennis ball in the house...but these children continued to steal my ball away from me! And to top it all off, they could barely keep in their mouth, AND they just put it down randomly and DID NOT take good care of it. Ugh. More work for me.

I suppose they are cute, and SOMEBODY had to take care of them. My favorite boy, (mom calls him Dave-you can see him in this photo attempting to save the ball from the little creatures) and Mom seemed to really like them. I guess someone must show them the ropes, and if I must, I must.


overcaffeinated said...

You know Mattie, you were once a puppy, too. They'll learn, with your help, how to protect the ball. Their mouths just need to get a little bigger...

Jenny Red said...

I suppose you COULD be right. I have my work cut out for me... how can they keep up with such little legs?