Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Little Park in Alameda

Okay, Mattie here. So I've decided that mom isn't really capturing the importance of my work, and what I do here in California... so I'm taking over this blog. (I have to do everything!!) One place I'd like to tell you about is the little park in Alameda (where we live). At this park, I have the VERY important job of Frisbee patrol. This is a rare opportunity and generally doesn't always happen in Dog Parks, due to the rude nature of many other canines....who try to steal my very important herding tool. But here, there is very little theft going on.

Also, at this park, my mom keeps talking about the view. Apparently you can see the San Franciso, and both bridges from this park. It also right next to the docks and ferry building. You can get to the water over here, but according to Mom, I'm not allowed.

This is one of my fave places because it's never too crowded, the dogs are always friendly, and it's big enough for me to run around and do my job. I LOVE IT!

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