Monday, April 28, 2008

A Day at the Beach-Albany Bulb

Today was one of those rare days when it was actually HOT in the East Bay!! That meant a trip to one of my favorite places... THE BEACH. Mom took me to a doggie beach here in the east bay called "albany bulb". It's in Berkeley... right next to a big horse track (Golden Gate Feilds) and not very far from one of my other favorite places, Pt. Isabel.

I like it here because the beach is nice and sandy, and it's a smooth transition into the water. There are always lots of doggies here to play with and herd, and I LOVE taking a dip in the water!! Sometimes the water gets the better of me, though... and I get hit by a wave. This is annoying because it gets in my ears, and also breaks my concentration. But my mom thinks it's hilarious. Figures.

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